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`Alphacollage opens with a surrealistic essay which also acts as an introduction to the book. As with most Zeller writings, this is printed in English, French and Spanish. «Cutting Out Letters Means … explores the birth of language in its literal, imaginative and artistic forms. This of course relates intrinsically to Alphacollage, which presents each letter of the alphabet as a collage. Zeller is concerned with language as it defines the relationship between dreams and reality, and this reflects Bretons view that surrealism is trying to express the «prime matter of language. `When the reader examines the pages of Alphacollage, it is possible to share Zellers wonder at creation. Every letter of the alphabet is composed of many and minute figures, and each is printed on a seperate page. These tiny details were gleaned from nineteenth-century anatomy and science texts, and encyclopedias, and this gives the book an exciting, alchemical tone. It is easy to go through the book endlessly and still find or impose new pictures and concepts. `Zeller draws his images in both language and art from a variety of sources, but they derive most often from the desert world of his youth, and the mechanical world that humans have created around themselves. The letters are twined with eels, snakes, snails, lizards, primitive or common devices such as forceps, pulleys, scissors, musical instruments, and quite often the moving parts of the human skeleton. `It must be noted that the collages have been printed beautifully by the Porcupines Quill. As usual, this press has turned out a high quality collectible volume. `Alphacollage is an intricately fascinating book. In its clarity it is a personal, historical and vital language for artists of all kinds. — Canadian Book Review Annual

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