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libro Estudio De La Actividad Musical Compositiva Y Crítica De Francine Benoit

This investigation is about a distinguished figure in the Portuguese Musical context of the twentieth century, which so far have not attracted the interest she deserves, although mentioned in dictionaries, encyclopedias as well as some newspaper articles published throughout her career or posthumously. Germaine Francine Benoit Van Gool, was born on July 30, of 1894 in Périgueux, France, daughter of Paul Benoit, French, and, Victorine Marie Van Gool, belgian. She arrived in Portugal in 1906 (at the age of 12). She acquired Portuguese nationality at age of 35. Therefore, we can say that throughout her life, which as noted was quite long, has developed a multifaced and remarkable activity in music field. She worked as a teacher, educator, composer, lecturer, music critic, columnist and activist women, recognized by hers contemporaries due to her character and uniqueness. Francine Benoit was an isolated figure who backed up the story of Portuguese art, and musical perspective, introducing some essential aspect of musical practice in the twentieth century, unknown to us at the time, starting from an assumption that was urgent to eliminate gaps that exists in the Portuguese music History, and also essential to inform about figures of ideological sense and outstanding quality in portuguese culture.

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