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ORIGINS OF FEMINISM – Texts of the XVI to the XVIII centuries – An interesting approach to the writings of fifteen English women, considered precursors of Western feminism and the starting point of written feminism. It is well known that the movements for the equality of the rights of women in the English-speaking countries are the most representative in the West, although that of the suffragists is the best known. However, delving into the past, we find that the English Renaissance especially benefited women, the Humanism began to form them and the Protestant Reformation assisted them to translate religious texts, all of which can explain the well-informed nature of the authors of the texts that are collected here and their significant value in establishing the historical thread of feminism. The book has as objective to facilitate access to the texts which were published in England on defense of women during the XVI to the XVIII centuries. In spite of the time lapse, the questions outlined by these pioneers conserve their validity, and their reading will help without a doubt to understand the current situation better, keeping in mind that they capture a feminine and not feminist thought.

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