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libro Pierre Hadot Y El Estudio De La Filosofía Antigua Como Forma De Vida

Trabajo/Tesis de Licenciatura del año 2012 en eltema Filosofía – Otras, Nota: 6,8 (de 7), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Instituto de Filosofía), Idioma: Español, Resumen: The main objective of this work is to build a systematization of Pierre Hadot ́s method of interpreting ancient philosophical texts. The kernel of his method is the conviction that, throughout most of the classical antiquity, philosophy was understood and lived mainly as a way of life. Hence, the first chapter introduces Hadot ́s panoramical understanding of the phenomenon of philosophy in antiquity and the main arguments of the defense of this understanding. The second chapter focuses on the method itself, attempting to systematize it in three main exegetical prescriptions (following Arnold Davidson ́s reading of Hadot ́s work), each one of them related with one of the following aspects of the studied text: the intention of the author, the literary genre of the ouvre, and the living context from which it emerged. The third chapter present an exemplary application of the method carried out by Hadot himself in his interpretation of the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Finally, the fourth chapter discuses the influence of the so-called second Wittgenstein on the development of Hadot ́s method. The core concept that Hadot admittedly taked from Wittgenstein to figure out the deep sense of ancient philosophical works is that of lenguage games (Sprachspiele), stating that one should understand ancient texts as lenguage games, interwoven with the way of life of which they were an integral part.

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