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A daring free book to reflect on our spiritual and love relationships. Live love at its fullest. Express your sexuality fully. This book will support you discover your primary colors and will define the way you desire to mix them in your relationships. Discover them and create the most unique rainbow. We have been raised with limited ideas about love, due to our parents and society beliefs and rules. Nobody taught us that our capacity to love is beyond what we know and have experienced. Are there different ways to love? What is our real capacity to do it? Love, just as light, possess several chromatic combinations that allows you to experience it without limits. They open your heart and enhance your capacity to love. This colors are related with chakras and the knowledge of this energetic centers, as well as the way to harmonize them, will give you the essential tools in order to relate with all the color spectrum in a healthy conscious manner. Opinions from other authors: Karinas work around love, chakras, and the tantra of life illuminates beyond imagination. Her personal journey of discovery reflects the journey all of us to move towards more love, depth and conscious connection. The Colors of Love is one of the most inspiring and informative books of the year -Lawrence Lanoff, author of The course of Freedom-The drunk monkey speaks- We all search for a life in which we want to express our depth emotions and sexual sensations. The Colors of Love teaches us exactly how to do it. It explains how the rainbow of our being can take our sexual energies to our soul. This book will change love relationships forever. The Colors of Love is the master book that gives us hope to live with more freedom, happiness and peace merging the most important forces, spirituality and sexuality. It will change your lifeforever -Chris Griscom, author of The Healing emotion & The Ageless Body- In her book, The colors of Love, Karina Velasco candidly shares her insights and…

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