Descargar Libro: The Sacred Nature Of The Human Being

This is a journey of discovery inside of ourselves, to know who we truly are and to be able to awaken the magic inside of us. If you are okay, everything around you will be okay. Everything depends on ourselves, the decisions we make or the decisions we do not make. We can make our lives into an adventure with a happy ending. All human beings are constantly growing due to our experiences, our adventures, and our cellular memories. This book will help us to become aware of our personal and spiritual evolutionary growth. We are at a crucial point in our lives and we must make decisions based on new higher perspective to find the best solutions to every ordinary situation. Open your mind and feel the energies of words that penetrate you little by little and plant the seeds that will blossom into growth. I am my experiences, my efforts, my thoughts and my Work is my adventure and reality. Everything is part of the Unity of the Universe, we must feel the sensations connecting with our soul, without experiencing it, it cannot be understood or accepted.