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This book draws on country case studies to focus on the environmental implications of economywide policy reforms undertaken at the sectoral or macroeconomic level. Although the emphasis is upon economic policies, other noneconomic measures are also relevant, such as social, institutional, and legal actions. The main feature of most policy reforms directed at various levels of economic decisionmaking are price changes designed to promote efficiency and reduce waste. This report reinforces the view that policies that address price-related distortions can contribute to both economic and environmental goals (win-win policy reforms). A recurring theme in the case studies is that the potential for achieving parallel gains in conventional economic, social, and environmental goals is often present when economywide reforms attempt to improve macroeconomic stability, increase efficiency, and alleviate poverty. However, in important cases these potential gains cannot be realized unless complementary environmental and social measures are carried out. Of related interest: The Greening of Economic Policy Reform: Volume I: Principles (ISBN 0-8213-3477-8) Stock no. 13477, Volume II: Case Studies (ISBN 0-8213-3797-1) Stock no. 13797.

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